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Although male sex toys as a class are quickly gaining popularity today, there is one particular category of men-oriented sex products that are truly rocking it – prostate massagers. It is hardly a surprise as these little boys can greatly enrich your sex life with a whole bunch of exciting new experiences and sensations.

30 Seconds Summary

I am excited to announce my updated TOP 3 picks for September 2023:

Mantric Prostate Massager
Mantric Massager
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Aneros Vice 2
Aneros Vice
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Mantric P-Spot Probe Vibrator
P-Spot Probe Vibrator
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After you have carefully studied the Top-40 list and decided on the prostate massager you like, we recommend reading the Maintenance and Care part of this post that includes helpful recommendations on how to clean and store your device properly. Also, people new to prostate play should pay attention to our Tips and Tricks section, where we provide some helpful suggestions on how to make your first anal experience with a toy truly enjoyable and effortless.

Top 40 Prostate Massagers

We understand that choosing the right anal toy can be a real drag, especially if you are new to this and do not yet know what your needs and wants are. Here, you will find toys for newbies and pros alike, and get an opportunity to compare their characteristics to decide on the best one for you.

1. Mantric Prostate Massager

Best suited for beginner to intermediate level users

Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Vibrator is a beautifully designed male sex toy made of medical-grade silky-soft silicone. The vibrator boasts a highly ergonomic, friendly design with a deliciously curved shaft, a pronounced bulbous head, and an L-shaped flared base for safer and handier use. The toy’s padded base also has a distinctly ribbed texture to offer added external stimulation of the perineum when the device is inserted into the anus at its full length of 4 millimeters.

Mantric Prostate Massager

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The Mantric Prostate massager is built to provide its users with targeted P-spot stimulation from the inside with the help of its seven vibration modes that vary in speed and intensity. The multicolored LED panel in the toy base allows to easily switch between the different features or choose your favorite setting right away if you don’t have time to experiment and want a wild orgasm within minutes.

Apart from being curved to hit right on your sweet P-spot, the shaft of this Mantric anal massager features a bit of ridged texture to ensure that the walls of your anal canal get proper stimulation as well. The texturized shaft may not seem too exciting when the toy is set to work at one of its seven vibration settings. However, when you are not using any of those, the massager’s delicate ridges are guaranteed to give you tons of pleasurable sensations.

Mantric Prostate Massager comes with a remote control, meaning you can enjoy your toy hands-free or give reins to your sex partner and let them choose the best way to drive you to a fervent, knee-shaking orgasm. Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Vibrator is 100% waterproof, so you may play with it in the shower and explore new anal stimulation possibilities. Note that the remote is not watertight, though, and should only be held with dry hands.


  • Remotely controlled sex device with seven vibration settings for targeted P-spot stimulation.
  • Sturdy flared base with distinct ribs to tease your
  • The toy’s slightly ridged base and pronounced head offer added internal stimulation.
  • USB rechargeable and lasts for up to 70 minutes on a full charge at its most intense setting.
  • Takes less than 90 minutes to re-energize and be ready to please you again.
  • The LED panel in the base can move you to your favorite vibe setting with a single touch.
  • 100% waterproof design for exciting water play.
  • The massager comes at an attractive price.

2. Aneros Vice II

Best suited for novice and intermediate level male sex toy users

Seeing that the first version of this male toy was the winner of the 2011 AVN “O” Award for Outstanding Male Product Design, you cannot expect the second iteration to be anything less than perfect. The major innovation of the Vice 2 toy is its revamped design that was made to become even more ergonomic. The Vice 2 product features a curving shaft with a slightly angled tip that provides mind-blowing stimulation of your prostate gland and a flared T-shaped base that ensures easy holding and safe insertion of the toy.

Aneros Vice 2

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The shaft of this anal massager is made of premium-quality soft silicone and has two sections. The upper one is the prominent head, which specifically targets your P-spot. The angle at which this part of the toy bends is just perfect for giving your pleasure gland proper stimulation even when you do not feel like inserting the toy the full length. The other, lower, section is there for when you want to complement your prostate massage with deep full-scale anal stimulation.

Apart from its incredibly stimulating shape, the toy can offer its users as many as 18 vibration settings and 4 different speeds, which together give you a whopping 72 unique erotic experiences. The two robust motors found here can be controlled separately with the chargeable wireless remote. The remote control feature is especially convenient when you are in the mood for some hands-free self-loving or want to share the fun with your partner and let them choose a setting that will give you a ravishing orgasm.

The Vice 2 product will meet the needs of people who are new to using anal toys in their bedroom and those seeking to experience both P-spot and deep anal stimulation at the same time. Its well-crafted design guarantees that all your inner curves and crevices will be taken good care of.


  • Ergonomically built toy with a curved shaft and bent tip for proper P-stimulation.
  • Its 18 vibration patterns and 4 speeds combine to offer you 72 thrilling sensual experiences.
  • Handy flared base for additional stimulation of the perineum.
  • Made of silky-soft, body-safe silicone.
  • Remote control operation for effortless hands-free use and inventive couple play.
  • USB rechargeable toy with a secure travel lock.
  • Suitable for novice users who have little or no experience with anal sex toys.

3. Mantric P-Spot Probe Vibrator

Best suited for newbies and people with little experience of using anal toys

The Mantric P-Spot Probe Vibrator is a stylish and sleek male anal toy made of quality medical-grade silicone that offers incredible stimulation of your prostate gland with its ergonomically curved shaft. The well-considered design of the P-Spot probe ensures that all your sweetest inner and exterior spots get proper care and attention regardless of whether or you activate one of its vibration settings or not.

Mantric P-Spot Probe Vibrator

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(more photos are available)

The toy boasts a meticulously designed shaft with seven enjoyable built-in vibration patterns and speeds. The shaft curves very nicely, conforming to your inner body contours and rubbing against your most sensitive zones. For a more secure grip, there is a stylish handle, which separates the insertable length of the Mantric P-Spot probe from the rest of the toy with a flared based. The base is there not only to ensure safety, but also to give you additional pleasure from stimulating your perinea with its bumpy textures.

The colorful and intuitive LED panel in the handle makes it easy for the user to determine which vibration mode is currently on. The toy is 100% waterproof and can be a great shower or bathtub companion. It also features a dependable travel lock that disables its controls for safe and discreet transportation. Never again will you face the disappointing alternative of either leaving your favorite anal vibrator at home when going on a trip or taking it along with a risk of uncomfortable exposure at the customs. Hide it in your luggage and rest assured that no one but you will know it is there.

The toy’s ergonomic shape allows for easy and smooth insertion. However, to make things even more enjoyable, try smearing the vibrator with plenty of water-based lube. It is particularly relevant for people who are new to anal stimulation devices or not used to the toy’s size.


  • Sturdy and capable P-spot massager with 7 different vibe settings to try.
  • Made of body-safe, silky-smooth silicone.
  • Well-considered shaft design ensures close conformity to your inner body contours.
  • Ergonomic handle makes holding the device easy, and its flared base features tiny bumps to stimulate your perineum externally.
  • 100% waterproof design offers multiple unique possibilities to spice up your anal game.
  • Reliable travel lock to give you complete peace of mind while on a trip.
  • USB rechargeable.

4. Lelo Hugo

Best suited for beginners to advanced users

Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager is a luxurious vibrating anal toy that comes packed with two separately controlled motors in the base and the insertable part. Its peculiar, prong-like shape is surprisingly ergonomic. The 4-inch insertable end of the toy has a bulbous, slightly angled shape designed to massage your sweet P-spot, giving you out-of-this-world orgasms. The curved tip is equally convenient when it comes to holding the toy and stimulating your crotch externally.

Lelo Hugo

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One of the unique selling points of the Lelo Hugo toy is its remote control function for hands-free fun or stimulation with a partner. Lelo Hugo offers you to choose from its six pre-programmed vibration modes and adjust their intensity and location to your immediate needs. You can even wear this vibrating plug in your butt during the day, discreetly operating and switching between its many features with the remote hidden in your pocket! The unique design of the toy guarantees that the massager stays safely put and does not give you away.

Once you’ve got the hang of its different vibration settings, you can try to personalize your experience with the toy even more by activating its innovative SenseMotion feature. The intelligent SenseMotion technology makes your toy increase or decrease its vibration intensity when you tilt the remote. A 90 degrees tilt will deliver the strongest possible vibes, while returning the remote to the level position will bring the vibrations to the minimum.

The toy is manufactured with premium-grade silicone that gives it a naturally smooth, incredibly soft finish and is entirely safe for inner stimulation of your erogenous zones. The Lelo Hugo is 100% waterproof for those who want to try anal stimulation in the shower or bathtub, and its submersible design makes washing the toy a breeze.


  • Luxury vibrating prostate massager with wireless remote control.
  • Six enjoyable pre-set vibration modes for dual stimulation of your P-spot and the perineum.
  • Soft and smooth silicone is completely body-safe.
  • The SenseMotion technology responds to your every slightest move.
  • 100% waterproof design, submersible, and easy to wash.
  • Users of any experience level can wear the device comfortably.
  • Suited for solo masturbation sessions as well as couple play.

5. Nexus Revo Extreme

Best suited for larger men who are advanced users of anal sex toys

Nexus Revo Extreme is a royal-size rotating sex toy, which will be a perfect fit for men who want a versatile device for well-rounded anal stimulation during solo sessions and couple play. This 3-in-1 solution can offer profound inner massage of the prostate gland and anal walls, exterior stimulation of the perineal region, and the satisfying sensation of being completely filled.

Nexus Revo Extreme

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The Revo Extreme toy does not skimp on features that can give you ultimate anal satisfaction. Its construction boasts a bulging automated head that bends slightly to reach your most sensitive zones. The head of the toy rotates at two delightful speeds in either the clockwise or the counterclockwise direction, caressing and stimulating your sweet P-spot.

The base of the Revo Extreme is covered with tiny nubs that tease and tickle your perineum externally. The bumpy texture of the base is not the only thing the toy has to offer, as there are also six fantastic vibrating modes to try. The vibrations are well-placed and designed to remain at the surface level, not interfering with what is happening inside. When the head rotation is enabled, the textured base will rotate with it, giving your perineum intense external stimulation as the device drives in deeper and deeper.

The toy comes with a remote control for hands-free masturbation or partnered anal play. Made of medical-grade silicone, the toy is waterproof and safe to use in the shower. Note that the Revo Extreme prostate vibrator is one of the biggest anal toys you can find on the market today. Its curving shaft has 5 inches of insertable length and measures 6.25 inches in circumference, which makes the vibrator only suitable for advanced users who have plenty of experience with anal devices like this.


  • Amazing prostate vibrator with remote control and attractive masculine design.
  • Dual rotation settings for clockwise and counterclockwise stimulation.
  • Its extra-wide shaft gives you a sense of complete fullness.
  • Nubbed texture of the base ensures proper massaging of your perineal region.
  • A total of 34 exciting rotation/vibration combinations to test.
  • Made of body-safe silicone.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • USB rechargeable, with a magnetic USB cable.
  • Suitable for experienced users of anal sex toys.

6. Magic Missile

Best suited for entry-level sex toy users

The Magic Missile anal massager is a perfect sex toy for beginners. Its 4.5-inch long silicone shaft is heavily ribbed to grant you the most remarkable sensations during use. It’s also notably curved for more targeted stimulation of your P-spot. The massager head is tapered to make the penetration smooth and effortless. To boost your sensations even further, the shaft features ten different speeds and patterns of twisting, bending, and vibrating motions. You can make your masturbation sessions unique by trying a new setting each time.

Magic Missile

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The smooth and silky-soft silicone material utilized in the toy is completely safe for people and ensures incredibly realistic sensations. When used with an ample amount of water-based lube, the toy is super-easy to insert and operate. The handle of Magic Missile is big enough to give you a good grip on the toy. Moreover, it acts as a stopper that prevents the massager from being sucked in or getting stuck.

Magic Missile is an excellent device for beginners who have no previous experience of anal stimulation. Its well-designed shape with a tilted shaft and a conical tip means you don’t have to move it around a lot to make the toy hit your P-spot. The ribbed texture of the shaft ensures that you will receive fantastic stimulation even if you are not yet ready to try the vibration.


  • Thrilling 4.5-inch ribbed shaft curves to provide you with targeted P-spot stimulation.
  • Tapered toy head ensures smooth and effortless insertion.
  • The toy is made of soft silicone, perfectly safe for people.
  • The device is equipped with ten vibe speeds and patterns.
  • Splashproof construction makes cleaning the toy easy.
  • Affordable price.

7. Fun Factory Bootie Ring

Best suited for beginners and sex toy pros alike

Score an orgasmic hat trick with amazing Bootie Ring by Fun Factory. This versatile silicone toy brings together the power of an erection-boosting cock ring with a prostate massager and a perineum stimulator to give you a truly remarkable, comprehensive erotic experience. If you are an enthusiastic multitasker excited by the idea of a penis ring and a butt plug in one toy, this Fun Factory is a must-have.

Fun Factory Bootie Ring

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Its petite size does not stop the toy from being enjoyably functional. The ring is stretchy enough to fit your penis and testicles comfortably, and the miniature butt plug on the other end of the toy with its notably curved head is just perfect for massaging your sweet P-spot from the inside. Additionally, there is a distinctive curve between the two parts, which is designed to tickle and tease your perineal region, making your sensations even more powerful.

Bootie Ring is intended for all categories of sex toy users, regardless of their expertise level. It is suitable for solo fun as well as for couple play, and can give you the kind of knee-trembling orgasms you can only get when your multiple erogenous zones are being hit all at once.


  • 3-in-1 toy that features a cock ring, prostate massager, and perineum stimulator.
  • Compact size with an impressively functional design.
  • Stretchy and soft silicone that is completely body-safe.
  • Perfect for solo use and couple play.
  • 100% waterproof, ideal of naughty aquatic fun.
  • Suitable for all types of sex toy users.

8. Aneros Helix Syn Trident

Best suited for beginners with no prior experience of anal stimulation

All the best things in the world come in small packs, and Aneros Helix Syn Trident is no exception. This compact but highly capable device will make a great first toy for people who are new to anal play. However, it is also versatile enough to impress users who are more experienced but do not require a bigger size to have a terrific orgasm.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

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(more photos are available)

The smooth and weighted 4-inch long silicone shaft of the toy is extravagantly curved to reach the sweetest depths of your anal canal and gently rub against your inner walls, sending waves of uncontrollable pleasure up and down your spine. The slightly angled tip of the Helix Syn Trident massager is rounded to offer super-easy insertion and incredible targeted stimulation of your prostate gland. The flared base of the toy is wide enough to secure a firm grip on the massager and make it easy to use. It also acts as a stopper to prevent penetration that might be too deep for your liking.

This superb P-spot stimulator does not need you to use your hands to enjoy orgasmic sensations. It is perfectly capable of staying safely in place for hands-free fun. Under its velvety-soft, medical-grade silicone, there is a sturdy hard plastic casing. This design makes Helix Syn Trident inflexible, but it also means that you will not have to grope around for the right spots since the toy is already made to hit those.


  • A simple and durable design, ideal for P-spot stimulation.
  • Ergonomic handle keeps the toy in place and provides added external stimulation.
  • Petite size and slim diameter make the massager a suitable first toy for anal play newbs.
  • The coating of premium-quality, soft, and 100% hypoallergenic silicone has a ‘velvety feel’ to it.

9. Lovense Edge

Best suited for all types of anal sex toy users

The Lovense Edge prostate massager is a versatile vibrating dildo that comes packed with a wide range of exciting, user-friendly features geared towards giving you a well-rounded anal stimulation experience. The sex toy boasts two independently controlled robust motors – one in the shaft and the other one in the base – to ensure that you can feel the vibrations just where you need them most.

Lovense Edge

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(more photos are available)

The most prominent advantage of the Lovense Edge is its adjustable head that can be customized to meet your peculiar needs. With this feature, you are able to change the curvature of the head according to your unique body shape to make sure that it hits the right spot every time. The 3.13 inches of insertable length make the toy a perfect choice for newbies and expert anal players alike.

One more noteworthy feature of the Lovense Edge anal toy is Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily control the device and switch between its many vibration patterns using your PC or smartphone. The database of available vibration patterns includes over 5,000 options, so there will always be something new to experience with the Lovense Edge toy. To take the pleasurable sensations to an entirely new level, try synchronizing the massager to your favorite music.


  • Remote control prostate massager with thousands of user-generated vibe patterns to try.
  • Two motors provide more targeted stimulation of the P-spot and perineum.
  • Adjustable head guarantees that you will reach P-orgasms every time.
  • 13 inches of insertable shaft ensure it is a good fit for almost any user.
  • The anal toy can be enabled and operated via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • The massager can synchronize with the music of your choice.
  • USB rechargeable.

10. Lelo Loki

Best suited for larger men who are advanced users of anal sex toys

Lelo Loki is a classic handheld P-spot massager featuring five delicious vibration patterns that work together to build a powerful and steady wave of pleasure. The toy is designed to fit ergonomically in your hand and conform tightly to the inner contours of your anal canal. The girthy 4-inch long bulbous shaft of the Lelo Loki model is made of silky-soft silicone that is hypoallergenic and completely safe for people. It narrows down noticeably closer to the base, which makes the toy extremely comfortable to use.

Lelo Loki

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(more photos are available)

The flared base of the Loki ensures its safe and comfortable use, eliminating the risk of the toy sinking in or getting stuck in your anal passage. The main controls located on the long handle are easy to reach even when the toy is being used. The massager is USB rechargeable and discreet enough to accompany you on all your trips. Its 100% waterproof design allows playing with your Loki in the shower or bathtub.

This male anal toy offers five delightful vibration patterns of varied intensity. The speed at which the toy vibrates remains constant throughout your masturbation session. Given the overall size of the device and strength of its vibrations, Lelo Loki will perfectly meet the needs of larger men who have enough experience with using anal sex toys.


  • Large-size male prostate massager featuring five vibe settings of varying intensity.
  • Its wide, bulbous tip curves slightly for targeted P-spot stimulation.
  • The velvety-smooth body-safe silicone feels great to the touch.
  • Ergonomic handle with intuitive, easy-to-reach controls.
  • USB rechargeable, a suitable travel companion.
  • 100% waterproof design that cleans easily.

11. Lovense Hush

Best suited for intermediate to advanced users comfortable with intense anal vibrations

The Lovense Hush is a smooth, and incredibly powerful little anal plug built to give all your internal sweet spots top-notch stimulation. One of its main advantages over all other plugs/prostate massagers on the market is that this toy can tease and please you with its strong vibrations while being controlled from a distance by your partner via a special app. The Hush plug is suitable for solo hands-free fun, sexual foreplay, long-distance erotic experiments, and discreet stimulation in public.

Lovense Hush

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(more photos are available)

The probe is made of smooth and welcoming skin-safe silicone that feels incredibly soft to the touch and gives the device a sleek and modern look. It is a weighty toy, but not too heavy to be intimidating. The Lovense Hush comes in two different sizes to fit the needs of a wider audience.

The narrow ribbed neck of the toy is multifunctional. Apart from providing you with added stimulation during insertion, it makes sure that the probe stays inside securely and also retains the lube you apply. The toy is made to be 100% waterproof, so don’t limit yourself to bedroom fun and take it with you when going to the shower.


  • The smooth and soft body-safe silicone feels highly agreeable to the touch.
  • Its ribbed neck adds fantastic sensations and retains the lube better.
  • The vibrations here vary in intensity and range from delicate to super-intense.
  • The toy controls are easy to use.
  • The toy can be controlled over a long distance via an app.
  • 100% waterproof design.

12. We-Vibe Vector

Best suited for newbies and people who lack experience with anal sex toys

The We-Vibe Vector is a two-for-the-price-of-one solution. This kinky prostate massager is designed to be super-flexible to make sure it always hits the right spots inside you. Additionally, the We-Vibe Vector toy can be used to stimulate your perineal region to maximize your satisfaction and give you one mind-blowing orgasm after another.

We-Vibe Vector

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(more photos are available)

Both heads of this zippy anal vibrator are ergonomically placed and bend nicely, while their angle can be adjusted to suit your immediate stimulation needs and wants. In addition, the Vector boasts ten unique vibration functions that will make sure your erotic experience with this toy is different and enjoyable every time. You can control the vibe speed and patterns using the buttons on the handle, a wireless 4-button remote, or a handy and well-designed smartphone app.

This USB rechargeable anal pleaser is built from premium-quality silky-smooth silicone and remains unbelievably quiet in operation, even when it is set to work at its maximum intensity. Its waterproof design allows you to take the fun to the shower or bathtub. Just make sure you keep the remote out of the water harm’s way.


  • Zippy remote and app-controlled prostate massager with 10 enjoyable vibe functions.
  • Its ergonomic L-shape form allows for internal and external stimulation.
  • Two motors control vibrations in the P-spot stimulation part and the perineum massaging head.
  • Bendy base with two adjustable heads makes sure the device hits the right spots every time.
  • Rechargeable via USB, it only takes the toy 90 minutes to re-energize.
  • Extremely silent operation.
  • 100% waterproof and submersible, easy to clean.

13. Desire Luxury

Best suited for more experienced users seeking high levels of anal stimulation

The Desire Luxury prostate massager has much to offer in the way of anal stimulation fun. This sleek L-shaped toy successfully blends elegant design with impressive functionality and boasts 20 delightful vibration functions both for your P-spot and for the perineum. The vibes range from delicate tingling sensations to intense pulsations that feel almost unbearable at times.

Desire Luxury

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(more photos are available)

The pronounced bulbous tip gives you a sense of complete and utter fullness, but at the same time is also extremely easy to insert. Its head is angled slightly to ensure that the 4-inch long insertable curve will hit and gently massage all the right spots when inside you. The exterior of the toy is another pleasure giver designed to take good care of your perineal region. Its ribbed texture massages the sensitive area between the scrotum and the anus, pleasing you out of your senses.

The toy comes equipped with a remote control that boasts an 8-meter operating range, making it possible for your sex partner to manipulate the device from across the room. The Desire Luxury toy is fully USB-rechargeable and waterproof, so cleaning and re-energizing it will be a breeze.


  • This ergonomically shaped anal massager boasts a whopping 8 vibration options and 12 speeds.
  • Its super-plump insertable head is perfect for users who are experts at anal play.
  • The ribbed exterior of the toy offers intense stimulation of your perineal region.
  • The remote with an 8-meter operating range allows for hands-free solo use or partner play.
  • The toy is made of soft and smooth silicone and is 100% waterproof.
  • This USB rechargeable anal massager can go on for up to two hours on one full charge.

14. Fun Factory Duke

Best suited for experienced anal toy users

The Fun Factory Duke USB rechargeable prostate massager is intricately angled to allow convenient access to your sweet P-spot, so even if you are a novice at anal play, you will not have difficulties finding the pleasure spot. Its spherical tip that comes in direct contact with the gland has six delightful vibration modes and is tapered for easier insertion, a snugger fit, and extremely enjoyable fullness. The other end of the toy is nicely curved to send mind-blowing vibes to up and down your perineum.

Fun Factory Duke

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(more photos are available)

Because of its rather complicated design with many turns and twists and impressive penetration depth, Duke is best suited for people who have enough experience of fiddling with such toys. It is the middle part of Duke that is built to massage your prostate gland, meaning that you’ll have to insert the toy fully to let it do its job.

Made of premium-quality body-safe silicone, the Duke toy is 100% waterproof, which means that you can thoroughly clean it after each use and bring it with you to the shower or tub when you are in the mood for a bit of water fun.


  • Intricate, body-conscious design that ensures deep penetration.
  • Its extra curve provides the sensation of maximum fullness.
  • Removable bullet vibrator with six different settings.
  • Medical-grade silicone, which is safe for people to use.
  • Needs little time to recharge due to the novel ‘Click ‘N’ Charge’ technology.
  • 100% waterproof.

15. Lovehoney Rotating Prostate Massager

Best suited for users who have at least some experience with such anal toys

The Lovehoney High Roller anal massager is an advanced remote control toy for hands-free prostate stimulation. The High Roller model is made of premium-grade silicone that looks and feels velvety-smooth. The toy design is well-balanced and perfectly poised to caress your most sensitive erogenous zones with pleasant circular strokes that can be set up to work at 3 different speeds and 7 vibe patterns.

Lovehoney Rotating Prostate Massager

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(more photos are available)

Operating Lovehoney High Roller is extremely easy. The massager can be manipulated either with pushing the button located on the base or via remote control if you long for a more hands-free experience.

The curved shaft of the massager has a rounded rotating tip that is slightly bent to reach your P-spot with extreme precision, while its girthy build gives you the sensation of ultimate fullness. The padded, lightly textured base of the toy ensures external stimulation of your perineal region.


  • Rotating prostate massager with remote control or manual operation.
  • Curved shaft with a pronounced bulbous head bent for more precise P-spot stimulation.
  • Flared, lightly textured base stimulates your perineum.
  • Perfect for hands-free solo fun and couple play.
  • 100% waterproof toy with a Splashproof remote control.
  • USB rechargeable sex device that can be used anywhere in the world.

16. Njoy Pure Wand

Best suited for intermediate to advanced users since there is a bit of a learning curve to it

Stainless steel sex toys usually do not get enough credit since most people see them as something intimidating and intended for professional anal players only. However, the famous Njoy Pure Wand is a quite different story, as this 10-inch superb prostate massager is well suited to satisfy the needs of men and women, regardless of their level of anal play expertise. Its gracious looks and simple but powerful functionality ensure you will never get bored with the toy.

Njoy Pure Wand

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(more photos are available)

Njoy Pure Wand comes shaped as a beautifully curved stainless lever with two differently sized bulbous tips at both ends. Such an artful design allows you to easily slide the nicely lubed side of the toy into your pleasure canal and accommodate it comfortably against your magic P-spot. Then, you can use the other end of Pure Wand to apply the exact amount of pressure that will make you tremble orgasmically in no time.

The feel of the hard and cold steel making its way through your sweetest depths is incredible and can hardly be matched with even the most advanced vibrating/rotating/pulsating toys. The unique material of Pure Wand also allows for unlimited temperature play if you choose to submerge the toy in warm water for some time before inserting it.


  • Double-ended prostate massager made of 316-grade stainless steel that will last you for life.
  • Two bulbous ends of 3 and 5.5 inches each allow for targeted stimulation of your hottest spots.
  • Temperature-responsive and ideal for sensual temperature play.
  • Unisex toy perfect for stimulating G-spot and P-spot alike.
  • Waterproof, non-porous, super-easy to clean.
  • The toy goes well with any type of lube.

17. Njoy Pure Plug

Best suited for bigger-sized advanced users who have extensive experience with anal toys

People who love heavier and girthier butt plugs will surely find the metal Njoy Plug exhilarating in many ways. The 200-gram stainless steel toy, which boasts 3.5 inches of insertable length and measures 3.9 inches in circumference at its widest part, will provide incredible 360° stimulation to your internal hot spots.

Njoy Pure Plug

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(more photos are available)

The design of the toy has a distinctly masculine feel to it. Its large, bulging head that rests on a small and thin stem is slightly angled to ensure easy penetration, snugly fit inside you, and proper stimulation of your prostate gland. Due to the bigger-than-average size of the toy’s head, the Pure Plug is primarily geared towards users with plenty of experience in anal stimulation.

The stainless steel that this butt plug is made of is a very thermoresponsive material perfect for mind-blowing temperature play. Besides, this Njoy anal toy is super-easy to clean after each session. Just wash it in soapy water and rinse properly afterwards or boil it if more profound disinfection is required. Stainless steel is non-porous, which means you can use the toy with any type of lube you prefer.


  • Simple and handy design with a distinctly masculine feel to it.
  • Tapered head on a curving stem for more comfortable insertion and better P-spot conformity.
  • Solid base with a special hole for fingers in it ensures a firmer grip on the toy.
  • Makes it possible to enjoy an incredible temperature play.
  • The non-porous material is durable, easy-to-clean, and can go with any type of lube.

18. Rocks Off Big Boy

Best suited for experienced anal toy players

Drop your trousers, and prepare for some big-time fun with this capable anal vibrator by Rocks Off. The Big Boy prostate massager offers seven breathtaking vibe functions that range from super-delicate to ultra-intense. Apart from stimulating your inner erogenous zones, the toy can massage your perineal region with its ribbed textures on the base.

Rocks Off Big Boy

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The shaft of the toy is ergonomically designed to touch your most sensitive spots and bends noticeably towards its tapered tip for precise stimulation of the magic P-spot. The bulbous waves that adorn Big Boy’s shaft are girthy enough to intensely stimulate your anal canal and give you a pleasurable and overwhelming feeling of fullness. With its 7 vibration modes, you can make your every session with the toy a unique and memorable adventure, which will culminate in a fantastic orgasm.

The Big Boy toy is USB rechargeable and can last for around 60 minutes when set to buzz at its most intense pattern. The device is made of ultra-soft, skin-safe silicone and boasts 100% waterproof design, which means you can grab it when you head to the shower and have a whole hour of crazy aquatic fun.


  • Large-size vibrating prostate massager for advanced users of anal toys.
  • Customize each session with the toy by choosing one of its 7 unique vibe functions.
  • Its girthy bulbous shaft and angled tip offer precise P-spot stimulation.
  • The texture of the base is ribbed for incredible stimulation of your perineum.
  • 100% waterproof toy that is very easy to clean.
  • USB rechargeable and can last for at least 60 minutes at the most intense vibe setting.

19. Aneros Progasm

Best suited for intermediate to advanced level anal toy users

The Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Massager is an amazing toy that will surely buoy your spirits on a lonely night and introduce you to a world of incredible and thrilling sensations. Made of high-quality hard plastic, this sleek and curvy anal massager will care for every one of your sensitive points, including the legendary P-spot, and also provide well-rounded stimulation of the perineal region.

Aneros Progasm

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The base of the toy has two little arms that not only serve as a stopper to prevent overpenetration. They are also strategically positioned to access your Kundalini tab (K-tab), which is an incredibly soft and sweet spot just under the tailbone. By applying pressure to the K-tab, the Progasm toy sends shivers of pleasure up and down your spine.

The toy is completely frills-free, and you will not find here any motors, vibes, silicone ribs, or other fancy stuff that other, newer sex devices have. However, its ingeniously simple, highly ergonomic design and well-calculated parameters ensure deep and well-rounded satisfaction with its every move. The tapered, bulbous tip of the toy is slightly angled to make sure that the insertion is smooth and effortless, especially if you pair it with a sufficient amount of your favorite water-based lube.


  • Made of rigid, body-safe plastic, the toy hits precisely on your P-spot, making you cry with pleasure.
  • The ABS plastic is easy to clean and promises impressive durability.
  • Its insertable length of 4.5 inches and circumference of 3.75 inches make the toy a good fit for the majority of users.
  • The ergonomically designed handle allows for breathtaking perineum stimulation.
  • Perfectly suitable for anal play experiments in the bathtub or shower.

20. Tracey Cox Supersex

Best suited for intermediate and advanced users

The Tracey Cox Supersex butt plug comes complete with a wired 4-speed controller that regulates the intensity of vibrations in the pleasure-giving tip. This anal toy is designed to be very user-friendly. With its 3 inches of insertable length and 3.75 inches in circumference, the Tracey Cox Supersex butt plug will be a great pick for intermediate and advanced users that want to add more versatility to their anal play.

Tracey Cox Supersex

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The toy is made of hard and rigid ABS plastic that is completely toxin-free and safe for users. It is also very easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance efforts. This Tracey Cox device has four delightful functions of constant vibration, whose power ranges from relatively weak to incredibly intense.

The shape of the toy is quite ergonomic and features a nicely rounded head for easier insertion. It is also slightly bent to make sure the tip can easily find and properly massage your sweet P-spot. The flared base keeps the plug in place and prevents it from sinking in too deeply or getting stuck in your anus.


  • 4-speed vibrating anal plug with an easy-to-use wired controlled.
  • The ergonomic and nicely rounded tip makes insertion effortless and ensures proper P-spot stimulation.
  • Safe and durable ABS plastic that gives the toy a hard and steady feel.
  • Easy to clean design.
  • Affordable price.

21. Lovehoney Vibrating Booty Buddy

Best suited for anal play newbies and more experienced fans of backdoor entertainment

The Lovehoney Booty Buddy anal plug is made of smooth and body-safe silicone, which gives the toy a firm and pleasant feel and ensures its flexibility. Its four inches of insertable length are nicely curved to create an L-shaped shaft that ends with a prominent bulbous head. The tip of the toy is also slightly tapered to make the insertion easier.

Booty Buddy

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The shape of the Booty Buddy is carefully crafted to make sure that that the toy can reach and massage your most sensitive zones and provide proper internal stimulation to the sweet P-spot, while also giving you the feel of profound and utter fullness. The pleasure that this Lovehoney’s product can give you is further enhanced with its 7 delightful modes that include 2 speeds and 5 different patterns of vibration. The flared T-shape base of the toy helps keep the device in one place and does not let it slide in too deep to cause any damage.

The Lovehoney Vibrating Booty Buddy is 100% waterproof, which allows you to explore new venues for anal play fun and ensures that cleaning the toy after each use is a breeze. This inexpensive but feature-rich device will be a nice pick for users who are new to prostate stimulation and do not want to spend a fortune on their first anal toy.


  • Well-designed butt plug with 7 fantastic vibrating functions to try.
  • Curved shaft with a bent tip allows for pinpoint P-spot stimulation.
  • Its flared base keeps the toy in place and adds exciting sensations from massaging your perineum.
  • The size is petite enough to make the toy suitable for users new to anal fun.
  • 100% watertight.
  • Inexpensive option.

22. ElectraStim

Best suited for advanced users familiar with the concept of electrosex anal toys

Nothing can make your anal stimulation sensations more electrifying than this Sirius electrosex prostate massager by ElectraStim. The toy has a long velvety-smooth silicone shaft, which is perfectly curved to conform closely to all the twists and turns inside your anal canal, while its tapered, rounded tip is poised to give your prostate some serious stimulation. In the meanwhile, the flared base of the Sirius toy prevents it from traveling too far inside your body.


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However, it is not the ergonomic design and sleek look that makes it so popular among users. The key selling point of the Sirius model is that it is a quadripolar toy, meaning it has four inputs where you can connect electric plugs for massive electro-stimulation fun. The Sirius massager does not vibrate but emits mild electric currents that target your nerve endings directly, causing your anal muscles to contract and relax.

People who are new to the idea of electro-stimulation are recommended to apply a generous amount of their favorite water-based lube and slowly insert the toy before turning it on. It is also a good idea to start on the lowest possible setting to check how your body responds to the electricity from the toy.


  • Smooth and silky-soft silicone shaft that is curved ergonomically to caress your hottest spots.
  • The toy is suitable for men and women and can offer some incredible anal and vaginal electro-stimulation.
  • The flared base keeps the toy safely in one place and provided added stimulation of the perineum.
  • The tip is tapered for easier insertion and has conductive contacts in it.

23. Nexus Simul8

Best suited for newbies to pros who seek to experience mind-blowing, all-round stimulation

This dual-motor toy combines the power of an elegant prostate vibrator with the erection-boosting capabilities of a cock-and-ball ring. The curved and ridged shaft of the toy is 4 inches long and 3.75 inches around. It is responsible for massaging your sweet P-spot internally and throwing you into ecstasy with the help of its three delightful speeds and three patterns of vibration.

Nexus Simul8

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In the meanwhile, the cock-and-ball ring on the other end of the toy delicately wraps around the base of your penis and your testicles, working to increase the size of your erection, delay and intensify your future orgasm. There is a separately-controlled motor, powering the ring and enabling its six vibe speeds and patterns.

Simul8 is made of smooth medical-grade silicone that is 100% hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. The design of this feature-rich massager / cock ring is waterproof, which means the fun can continue when you go to the shower or decide to take a bath. The Stimul8 device is fully USB rechargeable, so pack the included magnetic cable, and you can enjoy the toy anywhere in the world.


  • Powerful 2-in-1 solution for people looking to expand their horizons of anal play possibilities.
  • Its two separately-controlled motors provide a total of 48 exciting vibe combos.
  • The ribbed neck and the cushioned base offer added external stimulation of the perineum.
  • This 100% waterproof toy offers thrilling prospects of shower-located anal play.
  • USB rechargeable with a magnetic cable included.

24. Dash

Best suited for intermediate to advanced anal toy players

The Dash butt plug will be most fitting for people who want some serious anal stimulation, in and out. Its beaded and slightly curved shaft is designed to slide into the anus effortlessly, while the pointed tip is poised to massage your most sensitive hot spots inside. Such ergonomic, body-conscious shape of the toy’s shaft is complemented with ten incredible vibe functions that make the whole experience even more fantastic.


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The Dash anal plug is also famous for its unique dual-layer base, where the first, smaller layer works as a stopper, preventing the toy from going in too deeply, and the bigger outer one is made of softer and more flexible silicone to massage your sensitive perineal region and the sweet K-tab. The wired controller attached to the base allows you to quickly switch between the functions and seek the one that gives you the most pleasure.

Despite its robust functionality, the Dash toy is incredibly quiet in operation, and the petite size coupled with discreet looks makes it a perfect travel companion that you will not want to leave behind when going somewhere on a trip.


  • Smooth silicone butt plug with 10 vibe functions for anal stimulation that is out of this world.
  • Curved, beaded shaft facilitates the insertion, and its pointed tip hits the right spot every time.
  • The dual-layer base prevents over-insertion and stimulates the perineum.
  • Compact size and travel-friendly design.
  • Quiet operation.

25. Lovehoney Body Rocker

Best suited for newbies and people who want to try out remote control functionality without overpaying for premium-class toys

If you are looking to get yourself a bit of motorized fun and want an inexpensive massager that will vibrate and caress your prostate like the costlier options do, the Lovehoney Body Rocker is your go-to. While it might lack some fancy frills of the higher-end anal toys, it is still a great pick for its price and delivers on each of its promises. Not only are there multiple vibration modes to try, but the toy also comes with a remote control, meaning you can use it for some hands-free fun or invite your partner to play.

Lovehoney Body Rocker

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The design of the Body Rocker prostate massager is pretty straightforward, but at the same time, it is very attractive and efficient. The monolithic shaft of the toy has three visible sections to it, separated by ridges that are there to give you extra-pleasurable sensations. The Body Rocker is noticeably curved and ends with a tapered head that makes the insertion effortless and ensures pinpoint stimulation of your prostate gland.

Its flared base helps prevent the toy from sinking in too deeply. It is also nicely cushioned to let the Body Rocker caress your perineum in addition to massaging your sweet P-spot internally. The massager itself is waterproof, so having fun with it in the shower is an option. However, the remote is not water-resistant, so make sure it stays safe the whole time.


  • Good-looking silicone vibrating toy curved for targeted P-spot stimulation.
  • Its flared base is padded to massage your perineal region.
  • Remote control with multiple vibe functions.
  • Inexpensive solution for anal play newbies.
  • The design of the toy is 100% waterproof.

26. Adam & Eve 3 Point Prostate Massager

Best suited for seasoned anal massager users who seek deeper and more profound stimulation

The Adam & Eve 3 Point Prostate Massager is ideal for men who are not new to toy-aided anal fun and want a more capable vibrating solution that will provide them with deeper, thicker, and all-round stimulation. This 5.25*1.5-inch device with a 3-inch long vibrating perineum teaser and another small tickler in the back is one of the biggest toys out there.

Adam & Eve 3 Point

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Apart from its highly ergonomic shape that is poised to please your every hot spot in and out, the Adam & Eve 3 Point Prostate Massager is also a buzzer that features as many as 10 delightful vibrating functions of varying intensity. Because of its larger-than-average size, the massager gives men an incredibly stimulating sense of inner fullness that is comparable to a real sexual intercourse experience.

The shaft of the toy is realistically contoured to find and caress your sweetest P-spot. Additionally, it boasts delicate ridges for extra-pleasant stimulation of your anal canal walls. This Adam & Eve toy is molded from ultra-smooth, super-flexible silicone that not only is hypoallergenic and safe for your body but also gives the massager a luxurious soft feel.


  • Ergonomic design with extra ridges to stimulate your P-spot and inner walls.
  • The vibrating teaser takes good care of your perineum.
  • Ten incredibly arousing vibration settings powered by two robust motors.
  • The toy uses ultra-soft, body-safe silicone that gives it a luxurious feel.
  • The extra-long and thick shaft fills you to the brim.
  • USB rechargeable.

27. Lovehoney Backdoor Buzzer

Best suited for beginners to intermediate-level users

Despite its unfussy design and lack of extras and frills, the Lovehoney Backdoor Buzzer prostate vibrator is a toy made to impress. The smooth silicone shaft of the device is ergonomically curved to access your precious P-spot. Furthermore, its delicate ridges massage the inner walls of your anal canal as the toy moves back and forth inside you. The tip of the Backdoor Buzzer is rounded very nicely to make sure you will not feel any discomfort during insertion.

Backdoor Buzzer

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Another thing that makes this toy a go-to solution for many users is its removable bullet vibrator that features a total of ten amazing functions – 7 patterns and 3 speeds, all tailored to take your anal stimulation sensations to an entirely new level. The flared T-shaped base of the toy acts as a stopper to make sure the fun doesn’t go one step too far and also helps stroke and tease your perineal region for added pleasure.

Even with all its many options, Lovehoney Backdoor Buzzer is one of the most affordable vibrating prostate massagers on the market. It should perfectly cater to the needs of men, who are new to anal play and want to start with something low-key and undemanding.


  • Capable prostate massager with 10 vibe settings, perfect for beginners.
  • The ergonomically shaped shaft reaches and caresses all your hot spots masterfully.
  • Removable buzzer can be used separately.
  • Its flared T-shaped base stimulates your perineum.
  • Made of smooth, skin-safe silicone.
  • Affordable price.

28. Tinglers Vibrating Butt Plug

Best suited for all types of users who enjoy the feel of heavily texturized anal toys

The Tinglers Vibrating Butt Plug is a versatile toy that takes your traditional anal play up a notch. The design of the plug is quite enchanting. Its insertable part is 4 inches long and consists of five calibrated beads, the biggest of which measures 1 inch in diameter. There is also a notable curve to the shaft for better reach and maximum pleasure. The dual-flared base at the bottom ensures safe insertion and removal as well as works to stimulate your perineal region.

Tinglers Vibrating Butt Plug

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The Tinglers silicone toy is squashy, yet firm enough to give you the feel of medium fullness. It is connected to a wired remote with two simple buttons – one for turning the device on and off, and the other one for switching between its ten different settings of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. The toy is made of soft, premium-grade silicone that is 100% hypoallergenic and safe for people to use. The Tinglers Vibrating Butt Plug is made entirely waterproof and, therefore, it is easy to clean and look after.


  • Flexible and velvety-soft silicone butt plug with 4 inches of insertable length.
  • Small size and versatile design make it a great fit for users with any level of the anal play experience.
  • Ten amazing functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation.
  • Equipped with remote control for hands-free masturbation fun.
  • Body-conscious shaft design with dual-flared base for safe use and added perineal stimulation.
  • Waterproof and easy to wash.

29. Lovehoney Curve Cruiser

Best suited for people with some experience of anal stimulation who seek to add vibrations to their anal play

Vibrating silicone toys are not usually the cheapest options on the market, but Lovehoney Curve Cruiser is a welcome exception. This velvety-soft silicone massager is neither too big nor too small. It offers its users 5 inches of insertable length with 1.3 inches in circumference at its widest point – just perfect for people who have the bare minimum of anal stimulation experience and seek to try new, more sophisticated sensations.

Lovehoney Curve Cruiser

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(more photos are available)

The tapered tip of the shaft makes inserting the toy easy and comfortable, but for the process to be even smoother, you still need to use a fair share of water-based lube. The big bulbous head of the massager on a thin stem is nicely curved to apply just the right amount of pressure to your P-spot. The rest of the shaft is mildly ridged to provide added stimulation to your anal canal walls.

A small bullet vibrator hidden in the bottom powers the toy’s five delicious vibe functions – two speeds and three different patterns. The other end of the toy that serves as a handle is cushioned to ensure proper stimulation for your perineum.


  • Silky-soft silicone prostate massager with five enjoyable vibe functions.
  • Curved and ribbed shaft with a tapered tip ensures smooth insertion and precise P-spot stimulation.
  • T-shaped padded base for additional massage of the perineum.
  • The bullet vibrator is removable and can be used as a separate toy.
  • The Curve Cruiser is available at a very competitive price.

30. Tracey Cox EDGE

Best suited for beginners who are just learning the ropes of anal play

The Tracey Cox Edge 7 prostate massager was created with due consideration for men’s unique and most intimate sexual needs. Its slim and curved shape with a pointed and prominently angled tip facilitates the insertion and makes the blessed P-spot much easier to reach and stimulate. The slightly curved base of the toy is designed with a dual purpose in mind: it prevents the massager from going in too deeply and stimulates your perineal region externally.

Tracey Cox EDGE

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(more photos are available)

The 6.5-inch long toy offers seven vibrating functions, each designed to give you a different kind of mind-numbing pleasure. Combine the settings as you like and switch between them as often as you want until you find the one that gives you the most powerful orgasmic sensations. With this Tracey Cox toy, you will not get bored any time soon.

The vibrating prostate massage from Tracey Cox is molded from hypoallergenic, velvety-soft silicone that is free from any toxins and harmful compounds and can be used by men with sensitive skin. It is one of the cheapest prostate stimulation devices out there, ideal for beginners who do not need rich functionality or remote control operation to feel the ultimate happiness that such toys can give.


  • Attractive and inexpensive silicone toy.
  • Its curved tip is designed to stimulate your prostate gland with utmost precision.
  • Seven delightful vibration modes to explore.
  • Hypoallergenic and super-easy to clean.
  • Perfect first toy for people who are new to anal massaging.

31. Rocks Off O-Boy Beginner’s

Best suited for people who are new to prostate play fun

The O-Boy vibrating prostate massager by Rocks Off is a perfect first toy for people who have no experience of anal stimulation and wish to start with a product that is neither too big and intimidating nor too expensive in case they won’t take to this type of fun.

Its thin shaft of just 3.6 inches in circumference with a slightly angled tapered tip is designed to ease the insertion, while the velvety-soft, flexible silicone of the device facilitates this task even further. O-Boy’s insertable length is just 5 inches, which makes this massager a superb starting toy for first-timers. The bulb at the bottom of the shaft adds to your sensations and prevents the toy from popping out accidentally.

Rocks Off O-Boy

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(more photos are available)

For even more powerful stimulation, the toy has a beautifully textured base with multiple nodules that tease and please your perineum while the shaft is working hard on your P-spot inside. The removable vibrator in O-Boy is powerful enough and has 7 delightful vibration functions – 4 patterns and 3 speeds, which means you can customize each experience with the toy to suit your varying needs. If you are a big fan of shower anal fun, the O-Boy toy will come in handy. Its 100% waterproof design means you can fully relax and enjoy a little me-time in the bathtub with it.


  • Soft and smooth silicone prostate massager with 7 vibe modes for anal play beginners.
  • Petite size and slim shape make the insertion and use easy.
  • The curved shaft and textured base provide dual stimulation of your P-spot and perineum.
  • 100% waterproof and submersible.

32. Lovehoney Rookie

Best suited for anal toy first-timers

The Rookie 10 model by Lovehoney is among the cheapest products on the market of prostate massager toys. However, due to its impressive functionality and sleek design, the toy is comparable to some more expensive picks, even though it lacks their bells and whistles. As its name suggests, the Rookie will be a nice choice for people who are new to anal play and are just starting to explore the many possibilities that this kind of fun presents.

Lovehoney Rookie

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(more photos are available)

The shaft of the toy is curved in several places to make sure it hits all the right hot spots while moving inside you. Its pointed tip is also nicely angled, so prostate massaging will be a breeze. Finally, the smooth vibrating base of the toy will stimulate your perineal region, giving you added pleasure. Apart from its ergonomic shape, there are 10 delightful vibe functions to try here.

The Rookie is 100% waterproof, meaning you can enjoy it while in the shower or having a bath. With the right amount of your favorite water-based lube applied to its 4.5-inch long and 3-inch wide shaft made of hard and durable plastic, you can experiment with this little soldier any way you want for maximum pleasure.


  • Vibrating prostate pleaser with 10 amazing vibe functions.
  • It has an undulant shaft with a tapered tip for incredible and precise P-spot stimulation.
  • The smooth vibrating base of the toy takes excellent care of your perineum.
  • 100% waterproof design for non-stop aqua fun.
  • Very inexpensive product.

33. Waterproof Prostate Massager

Best suited for beginners to more advanced users

The Waterproof Prostate Massager from Cal Exotics is a slender and extremely user-friendly toy designed to masterfully stimulate your sweet P-spot and give you numerous fantastic big O’s. Molded from a firm and body-safe plastic for easy insertion, the long smooth shaft of this massager rests securely in your hand, while its angled, pointed tip works miracles on your prostate gland.

Waterproof Prostate Massager

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(more photos are available)

Inside the sleek 7-inch long shaft of the Waterproof Prostate Massager, a powerful vibrator teases and pleases you with its multiple speeds and patterns. The vibes are located in the bulging tip of the toy for maximum interaction with your P-spot. You can customize the vibration functions to your individual needs with a simple twist. The control over your pleasure has never been easier or more intuitive.

The firm plastic of the toy is safe and hypoallergenic, meaning it should be well-tolerated by more sensitive users. It is also non-porous, so cleaning the toy and sanitizing it after each use will be a dream come true. The massager is compatible with a variety of water-based and silicone lubes, so your options here are many. Moreover, as its name suggests, this Waterproof Prostate Massager is completely water-friendly, so do not hesitate to take it with you to the shower for more exquisite sensations.


  • Slim and elegant vibrating prostate massager shaped to suit the needs of anal play newbies.
  • Multiple vibe functions that can be adjusted with a simple twist.
  • Firm and durable plastic is completely body-safe and works well with various lubes.
  • 100% waterproof design for taking the fun to the shower with you.
  • Fully submersible for easy cleaning and fewer maintenance efforts.

34. Lovehoney Joyride

Best suited for anal toy users of all types

This 4-inch long prostate massager by Lovehoney is one of the most affordable vibrating toys on the market today. However, its low price is not the only advantage, as the massager also boasts a pretty sleek design and well-thought-out functionality that can easily compete with more high-end products.

Lovehoney Joyride

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(more photos are available)

The velvety-soft silicone shaft of the Joyride toy is excellently shaped for pinpoint stimulation of your prostate gland, and its rounded angled tip can find the hot P-spot with no trouble at all. The slim shaft under its bulbous head is ribbed for added stimulation of your anal canal walls, and the base of the toy is decently flared and decorated with tiny nodules that tease and caress your perineum.

To give more edge to your sensations, the Joyride comes equipped with a 7-function bullet vibrator that can be removed and used separately to stimulate your other erogenous zones, while the main toy is doing its magic inside your anus. The massager is waterproof, meaning you can introduce a bit of water antics to your entertainment, and it is also fully submersible to ensure that cleaning and caring for the toy is effortless.


  • User-friendly silicone prostate massager with 7 delightful vibe functions.
  • Slim size and rounded tip make insertion easy.
  • The ridged and curved shaft and textured base offer dual stimulation of your P-spot and perineum.
  • The bullet vibe is removable and can be enjoyed on its own.
  • Waterproof and submersible.
  • Low-cost anal prostate massager.

35. Male P-Spot Massager

Best suited for new and unexperienced anal toy players

The Male P-Spot Massager by Electric Distro is another no-frills anal toy with a simple but efficient design and a very sturdy build that will last you for years, or at least for as long as it takes to get comfortable with prostate massagers and move on to fancier, more feature-packed products. The toy is designed for anal first-timers who are looking to get the taste of this form of stimulation but are not willing to overpay for extra features that they do not need at the moment.

Male P-Spot

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(more photos are available)

The Male P-Spot Massager boasts an ergonomic shaft that curves and bulges in all the right places to make sure that all your inner sweet spots are properly caressed. The rounded, mildly angled tip makes the insertion super-easy, while the thin stem at the bottom keeps the toy safely in place for hands-free fun. However, fantastic internal stimulation is not the only thing you will get with this massager, as there are also large curved arms on the outside that tease your perineal region and serve as a handle for a secure grip and effortless withdrawal.

This cool toy made of smooth firm plastic has 3.5 inches of insertable length and 1 inch in circumference at its widest point, which is a petite enough size to let anal play newbies feel comfortable and unintimidated by it. The plastic used in this product is completely hypoallergenic and body-friendly. It is easy to clean and goes nicely with both water-based and silicone lubes.


  • Simple and efficiently designed prostate massager.
  • Its petite size is perfect for people who are new to anal stimulation.
  • Made of a firm and smooth body-safe plastic.
  • Easy to wash and care for.
  • Inexpensive option.

36. Lovehoney P-Stroke

Best suited for intermediate users seeking to take their anal game up a notch

The P-Stroke anal massager by Lovehoney is a smooth and elegant, remotely-controlled toy designed to give you prostate the very best of care. With its 7 different vibe patterns and 3 stunning speeds, choosing the ideal setting for your sweet ass will be a breeze. Just tap the push button on its base or use the remote with a few intuitive controls to start your journey to a fantastic, mind-blowing orgasm.

Lovehoney P-Stroke

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(more photos are available)

The curved shaft of the toy measures 4.5 inches of insertable length and ends with a pronounced bulbous head that is rounded for smoother entry and slightly bent to locate and caress your P-spot precisely. The cushioned base of the P-Stroke toy is delicately textured to ensure that your perineum region does not feel abandoned. This part of the massager is also flared to prevent over-insertion, which can sometimes happen in the heat of the ride.

The Lovehoney P-Stroke massaging toy is USB rechargeable and made of silky-soft silicone that is completely safe even for the most sensitive of users. The toy design is waterproof, so consider complementing your shower masturbation sessions with it. Just make sure the remote remains dry, as it’s not watertight.


  • Remotely-controlled P-spot massager with 10 fascinating vibe functions.
  • Curved shaft with a bulbous head accurately finds and hits on your prostate every time.
  • The cushioned base is flared to prevent over-insertion.
  • USB rechargeable toy with long battery life.
  • 100% waterproof and submersible for easier cleaning.

37. Lovehoney Ignite

Best suited for newbies, but can also impress some more seasoned players

The Lovehoney Ignite vibrating prostate massager may be designed for beginners, but its robust functionality makes draws interest of more experienced users as well. The petite size is perfectly in line with the modest needs of people who are new to the anal fun, while its 3 vibration speeds and 17 exquisite patterns are more than impressive.

Lovehoney Ignite

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(more photos are available)

The solidly molded silicone shaft of the toy is smooth and very pleasant to the touch. There is a slight bend closer to the top, which separates the main body of the toy from its perfectly pointed tip. The insertable length of 3.5 inches is consistent with the level of expertise that new anal toy players usually have.

The T-shaped base of the toy with one arm longer than the other is there to reduce the risk of overinsertion and provide additional stimulation of your sensitive perineal region. The perineum-oriented part of the base is very flexible and has textures that boost your sensations from external stimulation even further. The Ignite model is waterproof and USB rechargeable, boasting a discreet design and secure travel lock. These qualities make it an ideal companion on your trips.


  • Slim and powerful vibrating anal massager with a focus on P-spot stimulation.
  • The toy offers as many as 20 delightful vibration functions to explore.
  • Equipped with a secure travel lock to put your mind at ease during transportation.
  • USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof.
  • Inexpensive model.

38. Lovehoney P-Play

Best suited for beginners to intermediate users

Up your anal game with this 5-inch P-Play toy from Lovehoney. The tapered tip on the bulging head of this silky-smooth silicone massager seeks out your P-spot with military precision. The thin neck of the toy keeps your P-Play buddy securely in place while also stimulating your anal opening with its incredible ribs. The four inches of insertable length can give you the feeling of medium fullness and all-rounded stimulation.

Lovehoney P-Play

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(more photos are available)

The T-shaped external teaser rounds up nicely on to play with the hot spots located in your perineal region and also serves as a stopper to prevent insertion that may be too deep or uncomfortable. The looped side of the base has a finger-hole in it to make the withdrawal of the toy safe and effortless.

Made of extra-smooth and hypoallergenic silicone, the toy is safe even for the most sensitive users. P-Play is also easy to wash and care for, while its waterproof design means that you can relocate to the shower at any time and continue the fun there.


  • Well-designed, sleek prostate massager shaped to give you ultimate pleasure in and out.
  • Made of high-quality silicone that is completely body-safe and ultra-smooth.
  • The angled tip always finds its P-target.
  • With 4 inches of insertable length and 3.5 inches in width, the toy is perfect for beginners.
  • 100% waterproof design.
  • Affordable price.

39. Lovehoney Booty Buddy

Best suited for beginners and people who do not like fussy, feature-packed toys

The Booty Buddy silicone butt plug from Lovehoney is an unfussy and inexpensive toy that can become a great first product for anal stimulation. Its unsophisticated, but functional design promises tons of pleasure to anyone, regardless of their expertise level.

The Booty Buddy measures 3.5 inches of insertable length and 2.75 inches in circumference at its widest point, which is just the right size for people who lack practice in using such toys. The curved shape of the shaft featuring a tapered tip is designed to facilitate its access to your P-spot, and its relatively small size makes the insertion super-easy. While the inner part of the Booty Buddy plug is focused on stimulating your prostate, its extra-long T-shaped base works on caressing your perineal region.

Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

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The material used to manufacture this toy is smooth silicone, which is both durable and safe for all types of users, however sensitive. Booty Buddy is entirely waterproof and submersible, so feel free to experiment with the toy in the shower and do not forget to thoroughly clean it after you are done playing.


  • Compact and sleek butt plug for incredible internal and external stimulation.
  • Bent tip targets the sweet P-spot precisely.
  • The flared base keeps the toy securely in place and offers fantastic perineum stimulation.
  • Easy to insert and comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • Made of smooth silicone, the toy is easy to look for and 100% waterproof.

40. Dr. Joel Kaplan

Best suited for people who are new to prostate play

Dr. Joel Kaplan vibrating prostate massager is a fabulous toy designed to give your P-spot all the love and care it deserves. Its weirdly shaped tip bears resemblance to a dolphin’s snout, which may look eerie to some, but it does what it is intended for just great.

The 6.5-inch long and 3-inch wide shaft of this Dr. Joel Kaplan toy is designed to make the insertion easy for those who are new to prostate play and feel intimidated by bigger, heavily textured toys. Made of hard plastic, this vibrating massager is sleek, durable, and 100% waterproof. With due care, the toy will last for years, making each masturbation session a tremendous success.

Dr. Joel Kaplan

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The skillful Dr. Joel Kaplan massager can vibrate at multiple speeds that you adjust to your needs by simply twisting the base of the toy. Instead of a flared base that most prostate massagers and butt plugs have these days, Dr. Joel Kaplan comes with a safety nylon cord for easier retrieval of the toy. This way, the massager is much more compact and travel-friendly.


  • Simple and powerful vibrating prostate massager.
  • Multiple twist-controlled vibration speeds.
  • Its intricately shaped tip allows for precise P-spot stimulation.
  • Slender shaft made of smooth plastic makes the toy perfect for beginners.
  • Travel-friendly due to its compact size.
  • Comes with a reliable safety cord.

Prostate Massagers Comparison Features

Many modern men use prostate massagers and other toys for backdoor stimulation on a regular basis. Regardless of whether you are gay or straight, caressing your sweet P-spot from inside the anal canal brings much fun and incredible pleasure. With the current ever-expanding selection of prostate toys, picking just one product seems an impossible task.

First things first, let us see what advantages prostate toys have and who can benefit from using them regularly.

A new way to experience sexual pleasure

The first and most obvious benefit of using a prostate massager is that it can provide those who are brave enough to try with an unprecedented way to experience a fantastic pleasure. Massaging your sweet P-spot is a wholly new method of sexual stimulation that can be enjoyed solo or with a partner. If you choose to share this experience with your sex partner, the two of you will have quite a few bonding moments and will be able to get to know each other’s needs and wants much better.

Another way to go is to play with your prostate toy on your own. Doing so requires some dexterity but, eventually, you will be able to double the usual amount of pleasure you receive from masturbation and will be rewarded with ultimate satisfaction. Just like women who can have orgasms from both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, saying yes to a bit of prostate play will allow you to discover new ways to experience breathtaking climaxes.

Improved orgasms

Apart from giving you a delightful alternative to traditional penile stimulation, prostate toys can help improve the overall quality of your orgasms. Simultaneously playing with your prostate gland and penis will lead to your climaxes being more intense and lasting much longer.

Health benefits

Anal stimulation can potentially yield some measurable health benefits. While opinions vary on the subject, many healthcare professionals believe that by including prostate massaging toys into your sexual play routine, you can actually improve your sexual wellbeing. Thus, regular massaging of the prostate gland can help men affected by one of the following health problems:

Mind that the therapeutic application of prostate massagers is different from using these toys for regular stimulation and may require certain skills and techniques. Nevertheless, if you are willing to invest some of your time and effort in learning how to milk your prostate gland properly, you will be able to benefit your health greatly while also take your anal play up a notch.

What prevents men from trying anal play toys?

While, undoubtedly, much fun, prostate play is not as straightforward as one may think, and there’s also a stigma attached to it. A lot of heterosexual men still view anal toys as something intimidating, embarrassing, and challenging their masculinity. Things, however, are beginning to change, and today more and more people are willing to share their unique experience of using prostate massage products.

If you are curious to know what anal stimulation with a toy feels like, there is no need to be ashamed of it. The prostate play has been known for ages, and with today’s multitude of choices, not giving it a try is almost inexcusable. This guide will explain some basic concepts of anal stimulation and explore the many options available to men who opt to try it. Moreover, you will learn some useful tips and tricks on how to caress your P-spot and give yourself or your partner ultimate pleasure.

How do prostate toys work to stimulate your hot P-spot?

All such toys work in pretty much the same way by applying varying amounts of pressure to your prostate internally. When inside your anal canal, these products seek out the small gland known as P-spot and start touching, rubbing, and gently massaging it until your whole body is shaking uncontrollably. Men who are new to anal play may have some difficulty locating this small walnut-shaped gland at first. Luckily, the majority of modern-day prostate massagers are curved and angled to target the blessed hot spot directly and with minimum effort required from the user.

Naturally, you can receive the same kind of P-spot stimulation with the help of your partner’s finger or penis. However, if you do not have a partner or feel uncomfortable asking for this, sex toys will do just fine. In addition to pressing against your prostate gland with their curved and textured shaft, these products often come packed with other enthralling features and can vibrate, rotate, pulsate, and even send mild electrical currents up and down your rectum, giving you fantastic sensations.

What is prostate orgasm, and how is it different from a regular orgasm?

Prostate orgasm is a delightful culmination of your prostate massaging efforts. Not every prostate stimulation session ends with a climax, especially if you are new to this. However, even if you are not able to reach a mind-blowing P-orgasm at first, the sensations you will get to experience in the process are well worth it.

Even though they feel fantastic, P-orgasms are not as intense as the climaxes you get from penile stimulation. To start with, the sensations you get during a prostate orgasm are not concentrated in one place and spread throughout your entire body. They also tend to be more lasting and have a lingering residual effect that you keep feeling for up to 20 minutes after the climax. Some of the luckiest men may even experience both types of orgasms simultaneously.

Types of Prostate Toys

The most common types of prostate toys include prostate massagers, vibrating P-spot stimulators, and anal massagers with a cock-and-ball ring attached to them. Let’s take a closer look at each of those and see which one may be the best option for you.

Prostate massagers

These are the most popular type of male anal toys geared towards pleasing your sweet P-spot. They are usually the best fit for beginners and can offer an impressive variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and functions. There are two major categories of prostate massagers – the ones with a handle and those for hands-free stimulation. Both have their benefits, and choosing between them primarily depends on your level of confidence and expertise with these toys.

Toys with a handle give you greater control over the process and allow choosing the most comfortable penetration depth and positioning precisely. They will make an ideal first toy for men who lack the skills and experience of using such products. Another notable advantage of toys with a handle is that they are often designed to complement internal stimulation with external massaging of your perineal region.

Hands-free anal massaging toys are crafted to securely stay inside your anus, so that you don’t have to touch or hold them. By contracting and relaxing your rectal muscles, you regulate their depth and adjust the position to your needs and wants. These toys are more demanding and therefore are best suited for more advanced users. Hands-free or not, P-spot massagers are usually shaped to conform closely to the inner contours of your anal canal and target the prostate gland with incredible precision.

Vibrating P-spot stimulators

These toys are very similar to regular prostate massagers described above, but they have one peculiar difference that makes them the number one choice for so many men. Apart from their ergonomic, body-conscious shape, these guys can vibrate and rotate, providing your precious P-spot with added stimulation. Vibrating anal toys also eliminate the need for you to contract your muscles to massage your prostate gland. Many of these can be manipulated with a remote, which is very convenient if you are looking for hands-free pleasure or want to engage your partner into the play.

Anal massagers with a cock-and-ball ring

Some anal massagers come attached to a special construction, featuring a penis ring or a cock-and-ball ring. These rings are designed to gently wrap around your penis and testicles to enhance your erections, while the anal part of such toys is working on pleasing your prostate. By slowing down the blood flow to your penile area, the cock-and-ball ring attachment builds up on your sensations and makes your climax fantastic. For many male users of such devices, this is a sure way to experience both types of orgasms simultaneously.

Things to Consider

Looking for the right prostate massager is a responsible and time-consuming task that should be taken very seriously if you want that particular experience to be safe and enjoyable. If you rush to make your pick, you not only risk ruining the fun of anal play forever but also face the possibility of grave health complications. It is not unheard of for a poorly chosen anal toy to get stuck inside the anal canal, cause some severe rectal injuries, or trigger unpleasant allergic reactions. To avoid all that, read the following instructions on how to choose a toy that will be completely safe and totally work for your needs.

  • Find the right size.

Male toys for anal stimulation come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, so finding the one that fits your measurements perfectly is a must. Newbies with little or no experience of anal play will want to start with something smaller and slimmer. Such toys can measure 1 inch or less in circumference and be around 4 inches of insertable length. If you are a larger man with a taste for bigger toys, you may try a girthier diameter. However, if you are not sure which size to choose, we recommend sticking to smaller options. It is always safer to have a product that feels a bit loose than the one that makes you feel uncomfortable or causes painful sensations.

  • Think about the desired functionality.

Some toys are built to give you hands-free fun, while others are meant to be operated manually. There are products that are entirely focused on massaging your P-spot, and those that can stimulate your prostate, perineum, penis, and testicles at the same time. Choose one depending on your immediate and potential needs, but remember to consider your current level of expertise as well. You wouldn’t want to overpay for a toy that is too powerful to use or whose functionality is of no interest to you.

Additionally, when choosing which features your future toy should have, think about how, when, and with whom you are going to use it. If you are looking for something to cheer you up on a trip, you won’t opt for a massive, multi-function device that does not fit in your luggage. Alternatively, if you want to include your partner into your anal stimulation play, you may want to consider buying a toy with a remote control.

  • Choose the material correctly.

As with all sex aids, prostate massager materials may vary greatly. The very best of toys will be made of silicone, glass, or metal. Ultimately, it all comes to your personal preferences and needs. However, there is one recommendation that you should never ignore when choosing a new anal toy – you do not want your device to be porous.

Porous materials include jelly, latex, rubber, TPR, and PVC. They do not last as long as non-porous toys and are much more difficult to maintain. Besides, their porous structure means that these products can easily harbor harmful bacteria, which can trigger infections. Some of the cheapest stuff like jelly or latex can also contain toxic compounds, in particular, phthalates, which are known to cause cancer.

  • Carefully assess your need for vibrations.

It is a widespread misconception that vibrations are universally enjoyable and fit for everyone. Some men prefer more gentle stimulation and feel discomfort when something powerful and consistent hits their sensitive P-spot.

If you are excited to try it but are not sure that you can handle vibes traveling up and down your rectum, consider opting for a toy that has a removable bullet vibrator. This way, you can pull the thing out whenever you don’t need it and then put it back for some buzzing fun. Besides, the vibrations here are usually much less powerful and intense than in toys with built-in vibes.

  • Consider the possibility of using the toy in public places.

Most of the time, people who love a bit of anal stimulation in public situations will prefer anal plugs. However, wearing a prostate massager when you go out might be equally exciting. If you are blessed with the ability to experience incredible prostate orgasms absolutely hands-free, these toys will let you explore a whole new level of public play. Just make sure you choose a toy that has a flat base and works quietly in case it is a vibrating massager.

  • Take the price into account.

Cheap toys do not last, or they do not perform at a level you expect them to. They can even harm your health sometimes. That being said, you surely don’t need to take a loan to buy a super-exclusive, high-end massager that will be cast of medical-grade gold and come with a host of features that you don’t actually want.

If you carefully study the market and compare different products from best-known manufacturers, you will see that there are plenty of affordable options worth trying. It is highly recommended to stick to manufacturers that have been operating in this industry for many years and have earned a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy businesses.

Proper Maintenance and Care

Cleaning and sanitizing your prostate massager regularly is crucial if you want the product to be fully safe and serve you longer. Taking the device to the bathroom and giving it a good wash after each use should be an essential part of your anal toy maintenance routine. All sex toy materials are different and may require a different type of care. Below is a quick guide to the most popular cleaning methods and the specific care needs that different toy materials have.

How to clean prostate toys properly?

There are a lot of varying opinions on what is the best way to clean a prostate massager. Based on personal experience, people have come up with dozens of homemade recipes for washing and sanitizing their anal toys. While it all depends on the toy material and model, the safest and unfailing way to make your cherished P-spot pleaser spotless again is to use a special toy cleaner recommended by the manufacturer who knows its product through and through. As a rule, such cleaning formulas are carefully crafted with respect to the toy’s unique characteristics and designed to help extend its lifetime.

If you don’t have a special toy cleaner handy and don’t wish to bother buying one, some soap and warm water may be able to do the trick just fine. Mind though that not all anal toys can tolerate soap well, so read the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully before you try doing something of the kind. Porous toys, for instance, tend to retain soapy water inside and then release some of it into your anal canal when you are using the massager again. There is no point in trying to explain how painful and uncomfortable that is.

Alternatively, some users recommend using isopropyl alcohol on the toy whenever you want to clean it. This is not an ideal solution either, since alcohol may not only damage the material of your sex product and facilitate its wear and tear, but also stick to the surface of less solid toys and make your next masturbation session a very uncomfortable experience. Alcohol is only safe to use on metal, glass, hard plastic, and some varieties of silicone.

If you want to profoundly sanitize your non-porous product, you may consider boiling it for 3-5 minutes (works for metal, steel, glass, and some silicone toys without electronic components) or quick-dipping it into the 10% solution of bleach (should be suitable for ABS plastic, metal, wood, and silicone). When you opt for bleaching the toy, make sure to rinse it well afterward!

Now that we have listed the most popular cleaning options and determined which ones work best, it’s time to focus on the cleaning process itself. Here is what you need to do to make sure your prostate massager is spotlessly clean and safe to use again.

  1. Start by rinsing the massager with plenty of warm water. The water can border on being hot, but it should never be of boiling temperature; otherwise, you may damage the material and will not be able to keep your fingers in it.
  2. Apply a generous amount of a cleaning agent to the wet toy and carefully rub it with your fingers. Try not to miss a single curve or bulge to make sure you do not leave harmful bacteria hiding there.
  3. When you are done with the cleaner, rinse it off with a large amount of cold water and leave the toy somewhere cool to air dry. Alternatively, you may wipe it dry with a clean cloth.
  4. Put the washed toy away in its native box or storage bag. Do not keep it uncovered under your bed or someplace where it can attract dust, dirt, and mold. These are things you surely do not want to have inside your rectum.

Also, note that not all toys are made to be waterproof and submersible. Do not rinse such products with water, especially if they have electric components. Instead, use a soft and clean cloth to apply water and toy cleaner and don’t forget to wipe the toy dry in the end. If it is a battery-operated toy, remove the batteries before you start cleaning.

Tips and Tricks

How to use prostate toys safely?

Using anal sex toys such as P-spot massagers is safe as long as you follow some basic safety recommendations. First, it is crucial to be patient and careful when inserting the toy into your rectum, especially if you are new to this. Also, make sure you feel comfortable with the amount of pressure the toy applies to your prostate gland. You can start pressing harder once you have become accustomed to the new sensations. The final and most obvious recommendation is to buy a fitting lube that works well with the material the toy is made of. Its ample amount can help ensure that the insertion is smooth, and the ride is slippery and delightful.

How to begin your toy-aided prostate play?

If you are completely new to anal play, the following recommendations might come in handy.

Start with cleansing your rectum. Doing so will make the insertion easier while also ensure that the overall experience is hygienic and enjoyable for you and especially your partner. Give yourself a nice wash in the shower with particular attention paid to the rectum. Some people suggest using enemas and laxatives to make sure there is nothing left to spoil the fun, but such measures are only good if it is a one-time thing. Regular use of those may endanger your health, so stick to the soap and good shower.

Find the P-spot. Locating the prostate gland may be challenging at first, but masturbation can help. When a man is experiencing sexual arousal, his prostate is starting to swell and increase in size. Do not let yourself get carried away, though. You don’t want it all to be over before the main fun even starts!

Prepare for insertion. When you are ready to start, apply your favorite lube to the toy and your anal opening, then get yourself comfortable. For less experienced sex toy users, the most suitable position for anal stimulation is lying down on the back with legs raised at the knee level.

Insert the toy only as much as feels comfortable. You don’t have to insert the toy full length on your very first try; there will be plenty of opportunities to do that later. Start with going just deep enough to feel its curves and textures caress the walls of your anal canal. If you manage to insert it in full, move it around your rectum to find the P-spot.

Try to relax. Your very first time with an anal toy may be a stressful and even scary experience. Relax as much as possible and breathe in a slow and controlled manner. Do not make any sudden or quick motions, even if the toy starts giving you much discomfort. Instead, pull it out very slowly and carefully as not to hurt yourself down there.

Do not use the vibrations from the start. Do not try to insert a toy that is vibrating. It is both uncomfortable and unsafe. Also, there is no need to try out every single function your toy has if it is your first time with it. You need to get used to the thrilling sensations that the still massager gives you before putting it on the vibe mode.

There are three simple things you can do to have a stunning orgasm: relax, be patient, and keep trying. Remember these, and you are guaranteed to experience the most incredible orgasms from massaging your prostate gland with a toy.

Final Thoughts

If chosen well, a prostate stimulation toy can be an excellent investment that will keep making you happy for many years to come. Do not rush to make a decision, though, as you need to make sure that the product you are going to buy meets all your needs and desires, is safe to use, and will not disappoint you with its quality.

Take your time and go through all and any online reviews and testimonials provided by real users of such toys. Contact the manufacturer or the retailer directly and see if they can competently answer the questions you have. Do not fall for cheap marketing tricks and always put your own needs and wants first.

If you still struggle to make your choice, we suggest taking a closer look at our 2020 Best Prostate Massagers list above. There, we showcase some of the most advanced and reliable toys available on the market today and give you a review of their most prominent qualities. With as many as forty different anal toys analyzed, you are guaranteed to find a product that will suit your needs best and will make you truly, unconditionally happy.